What is Merriam-Webster's Definition of An Expert?

Expert – (adjective) – having, involving, 或显示从训练或经验中获得的特殊技能或知识.

While we can’t claim to be experts in everything, when you have a process problem that can benefit from an extra set of eyes or hands, that is where our skilled technical staff thrives.

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How do we define an expert?
1. Infinitely curious about how stuff works
2. 喜欢卷起袖子解决别人做不到的问题
3. Always enjoyed show and tell

Put this all together and you have an idea of what makes our Technical Team tick. 我们的团队已经在几个行业建立了他们的街头信誉 trade shows, presenting real life examples of how we have improved a process or increased productivity for our customers.

We put our veteran technical team head to head with rookies in our three application areas of cleaning, finishing and treating by asking them questions about themselves as well as their time in the industry.



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  • 清洗挑战,金属剥离,和水/溶剂.
  • 金属表面处理与热处理和防腐.
  • 优化您的废水处理计划并保持合规.

Tiny Titans: How Bugs can Treat Your Wastewater

Biological wastewater treatment can be a more effective solution for managing wastewater in the industrial world. But what are biologics? Instead of conventionally removing pollutants, a biological system uses bacteria substances upon their contact with the waste stream. By harnessing this power for nature, 金属精加工制造商可以去除关键化合物,如:BOD/COD, macronutrients lik... Read More

Conscious Cleaning Considerations

如《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》中所见,出版于2023年10月4日   Reassessing your cleaning process? Connor Callais of Hubbard-Hall offers an in-depth discussion of what you should keep in mind. Q: We’ve been having trouble getting good coverage in our immersion iron phosphate process before powder, resulting in several reworks and off-spec parts. 这个问题出现的时间与我们的供应商差不多... Read More

Hubbard-Hall wastewater treatment specialist Robin Deal discusses the latest trends in wastewater management. 

正如在2024年4月1日出版的《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》中所见 加德纳商业媒体总编斯科特·弗朗西斯编辑 As the EPA conducts fact-finding surveys in the metal finishing community regarding PFAS contamination, 废水处理是一个日益受到关注的精加工操作. In this installment of Products Finishing’s On the Line interview column, we’re digging int... Read More


正如《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》中所见,出版于2024年2月27日 由Lori Beckman编辑,高级编辑,生产加工 Source: Jayco Cleaning Technologies Hubbard-Hall and Jayco Cleaning Technologies have collaborated to develop a solution for new regulatory changes. As the Environmental Protection Agency evaluates the impact of hazardous substances such as methylene chloride... Read More


如《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》所示,出版于2023年4月10日 加德纳商业媒体总编斯科特·弗朗西斯编辑 Photo Credit: Getty Images A group of rival businesses comes together to educate the next generation of metal finishers. Connecticut manufacturing is known for providing finishes for some of the most impressive products in the world including aerospace compo... Read More


As seen in Finishing & Coating, September, 12th, 2023 对营养物质和生物需氧量(BOD)的限制越来越严格, 小型生物系统是否适合您的工业设施?We will explore the ins and outs of biological wastewater treatment and how it fits into the industrial world around us. 我们将研究系统的大小和要求,细菌和它们的能力... Read More


As seen on http://jaycoclean.com/, February 2024 工业清洁的前景正在迅速变化, with increasing EPA regulations on solvents and a growing need for manufacturers to find alternative cleaning methods. Here is what parts cleaning experts Jeff Beard (Product and Business Development Manager for Jayco Cleaning Technologies) and Mike Valenti (Director of Cleaning Technologie... Read More


BY TIM PENNINGTON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF As seen in Finishing & Coating, 19 FEBRUARY 2024 With the U.S. EPA proposing to ban all uses of trichloroethylene in cleaning and vapor degreasing, 许多完成学业的人都想知道他们还有什么选择.This action, 根据《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》(TSCA), would ban TCE manufacture, processing, and distribution for all uses.We spoke with Jeff Dav... Read More


所以当我们全面审视制造业时, a lot of people plan for expansion and production, 比如增加新的生产线,增加生产时间, 这给他们的污水处理系统带来了额外的压力. We want to future-proof our wastewater systems so that when we do those manufacturing increases, 我们以后不必担心我们的废水系统... Read More


The most common type of corrosion – called atmospheric corrosion – occurs when a metal surface is exposed to oxygen and moisture which then causes a chemical reaction producing iron oxide or rust. 对于金属精加工来说,生锈是一个后果严重的问题. Here we are talking to Larry Ensley, 技术应用总监,并就如何解决这一问题分享想法. Click to Downloa... Read More


一个客户的问题:我们是一家氯化锌电镀公司和15号生产线,000 gallons per day through a membrane system. 我们努力保持细胞膜正常运转. We average between 36 and 48 hours of run time before we must stop and clean the membranes. What can we do to improve the run time? Wastewater Specialist: “That’s a great question, and in my personal experience as a M... Read More


A question from a customer: “We are a zinc-nickel plater with a discharge of 80,000 gpd. 当我们能够满足锌和镍的放电数字时, we struggle with our total suspended solids (TSS). We have a small floc formation with slow settling. We have solids coming over our weir. What can we do to help solve this problem?” A:当我们观察金属的氢氧化物沉淀时,我们... Read More

Bob's Brain: Heat Treating

The heart of industry, almost nothing can be manufactured without heat-treating. We recently caught up with Bob Farrell (Senior Vice President and Technical Director at Hubbard-Hall) and asked him a few questions about the heat-treat market, what he has seen in his 30 years of experience and what lies ahead for manufactures using these applications. Read More: Download the interview PDF Why are m... Read More


Black oxide is the conversion of a base metal material to an oxide of that base metal material. A prime example would be Fe3O4, which is black iron oxide, otherwise known as magnetite; another is a CuO, or copper monoxide. It occurs when the chemicals react with a base material to form an oxide of the base’s primary constituent. 在不锈钢的情况下,它不仅形成氧化物,而且... Read More


A conversation with Hubbard Hall’s Jerry Dwyer Jerry Dwyer CEF, 是哈伯德·霍尔热处理产品组的市场经理吗, black oxide and phosphates. His background and experience have established him with knowledgeable insight into the world of heat treating and metal finishing. Dwyer specializes in the above processes and has over a thirty-year history in the heat trea... Read More

Myth #1

Myths of Cleaning 误解1 / 8:水显然比溶剂“便宜” Regular city water alone won’t clean anything. It needs surfactants and detergents that lower surface tension and remove soils. 这些在清洁过程中消耗,需要补充. 需要更高的温度来激活清洁化学物质, 在保证良好的润湿和蒸发后,哪一点是重要的 ... Read More

Myth #2

Myths of Cleaning 误解2(8):水性系统不能用于关键清洗 首先,让我们弄清楚“关键清理”有一个非常具体的含义. 它是指去除亚微米颗粒和非挥发性残留物. 当任何表面污染都会产生不利影响时,就需要这样做. 虽然许多过程和产品可能符合条件,但这个术语的使用是特别的... Read More

Myth #3

Myths of Cleaning 误解3 / 8:水清洗总是比溶剂“更安全” 有一种误解,认为“水性清洗”指的是用水清洗. While water is involved, 在适当的情况下可以是溶剂, 在含水清洗系统中,水中含有添加剂. These have several functions, such as lowering surface tension, creating chelation, (the dr... Read More

Myth #4

Myths of Cleaning Myth 4 of 8: Solvents are all BAD! “Solvent” is an extremely broad term. Any substance that will dissolve another is, technically, a solvent, and that includes water. However, in popular parlance, “solvent” often refers to chemicals that will dissolve oil and grease. 例如丙酮、异丙醇、乙醇和乙酸丁酯. If these names appear familiar it’s be... Read More

Myth #5

Myths of Cleaning 误解5 / 8:政府将禁止使用溶剂 It’s true that for some classes of solvents their use either has been or is in the process of being phased out. However, many others are still permitted, although in some cases there are regulations regarding aspects of usage like ventilation. 一般来说,像美国环保署这样的权威机构采取解决问题的观点... Read More

Myth #6

Myths of Cleaning 误解6 / 8:溶剂清洗总是最有效的方法 溶剂是非常有效的清洁剂,在正确的应用. The key points to consider are, what is being cleaned, what is it being cleaned of, and what is it being cleaned for? Solvents are highly effective for dissolving oils and their low surface tension enables good penetration and evaporation. Solvent cl... Read More

Myth #7

Myths of Cleaning 迷思7 / 8:市场由水性清洗剂主导 Compared to solvent cleaning, aqueous is still the newcomer, even though it has been in use for two decades. 使用水清洗无疑是在上升, 但说它主导了市场是不正确的. 特别是精密清洗,是溶剂清洗占主导地位的领域. The key, when choosing a cleaning ... Read More

Myth #8

Myths of Cleaning 误区8:清洁就是挑选一种化学物质 Chemistry is important for sure. The solvent or aqueous cleaner must be compatible with the soil or contamination you want to remove, but it’s more complicated than that. Consider also the material to be cleaned: some cleaners will damage some surfaces. 然后是期望的清洁程度. O... Read More